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Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue – is Blue right for you ?

Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue Driver Shaft


Time for the review of a shaft that has made a big impact with the recreational golfer, this is a good one, Grafalloy  pro launch blue.  The ProLaunch shaft has been the flagship of Grafalloy for many years now and continues to grow in popularity to this day,(especially with the recent modernised paint job!). giving the recreational player a higher launch and added distance to their drives.

The ProLaunch was the first shaft to be developed, designed and tested using the latest in launch monitor technology.  Grafalloy’s patented technology, Blue Micro-Mesh tip technology stablizes the larger club heads of today.  There are several models of the ProLaunch including Axis, Blue, Red and Platinum.  Today, we will focus on the ProLaunch Blue, a best selling model.

The premise behind the ProLaunch is to provide an optimal launch angle for the player, that being somewhere between 11 and 14 degrees.  The ProLaunch Blue is also considered the first ultra-light shaft for larger heads.  This shaft is without a doubt one of the favorites amongst recreational players looking for ideal launch conditions to optimize distance.  The low spin rate combined with a higher than normal Torque reading, will result in added distance.


This shaft is one of the best around for the recreational player.  It’s strength lies in the launch that this shaft provides, it’s innate ability to get the ball launched at the optimal angle for increased distance.


This shaft may not be for the big hitter, looking for a lower, penetrating ball.

Overview Rating-

Again, this shaft is the cream of the crop if you are looking for a higher launch results from your driver.  Grafalloy considers 2500-3500 RPM and 11-14 degrees of launch angle, the ProLaunch will help you get there and stay there. The ProLaunch is available in 4 weight ranges sure to fit all swing types.The Grafalloy ProLaunch blue is definitely a shaft worth looking at if you fall into the player profile we’ve described.

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Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue Driver Shaft W/ Titleist 917D Adaptor