How Adaptor technology changed the game of golf



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Over the last ten years the evolution of shaft adaptors has made the process of testing golf shafts for the average golfer far easier than back in the days of going to your local professional and having him build a complete new driver taking up valuable time that would otherwise be spent on the golf course. All major manufacturers offer different types of adaptor ferrules and the technology used varies from one manufacturer to the next. In 2015 Clubconex introduced the uni fit golf adaptor.

This adaptor revolutionised the golf industry further by making it possible to fit any head to any shaft using the uni fit system. Adaptors are manufactured in different tip sizes to fit shafts with the matching diameter. The most popular tip size for the majority of adaptors is .335 tip this being because the majority of shafts produced today are .335 in diameter.

Adaptors have become the standard to any golfer who knows anything about equipment in today’s game and they have made the process of testing shafts much more fun for all who play the game.

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