Diamana BF-series TX 80 Fairway wood shaft W/mizuno quick switch adaptor


This shaft comes fitted with a Golf Pride MMC with ALIGN technology in midsize and a mizuno quick switch fairway adaptor.



The Diamana™ BF-series represents the next generation version of MCA GOLF’s signature “smooth” bend profile. The new BF-series, like its most recent predecessor the Diamana™ B-Series, incorporates high-strength DIALEAD™ Pitch Fiber by Mitsubishi Chemical into the butt-section of the shaft, adding unprecedented strength and control during shaft loading and unloading.

The new Diamana™ BF-Series also incorporates for the first time a new hybrid prepreg developed by the engineers at Mitsubishi Chemical. This new prepreg combines boron fiber and Mitsubishi Chemical’s latest carbon fiber innovation MR70. Mitsubishi Chemical’s MR70 by is 20% stronger and has 10% higher modulus than conventional carbon fibers. Strategically positioned in the tip-section of the shaft this hybrid prepreg provides unprecedented strength and stability at impact.


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