Shaft Flex – What Difference does it make ?



From my experience within the game of golf and especially at the amateur level, the letter on the underside of a golf  shaft has always been of the utmost importance. Its almost as if a golfers ego depends on the flex of his driver shaft coupled with the self proclaimed 130mph club head speed  he can generate. Now, playing an X flex driver shaft may make you feel like ‘the big dog’ but the question is… what does it do for your golf game ?

what is a shaft flex ?




Shaft flexes come usually in three different flex profiles, Regular(R), Stiff(S) and Extra stiff (X) with each flex profile having a number of different weights depending on your swing characteristics e.g. if you load the shaft on the downswing like Sergio Garcia you would benefit from using a heavier shaft, or say your tempo is  similar to that of Brandt Snedeker (who in the past has played a driver shaft with a weight of 55 grams) then it would fit you better to play a lighter shaft.

But keep in mind, just because you are playing a heavier shaft does not mean you must play it at a stiffer flex however as shaft weight primarily affects ball flight in terms of height  and shaft flex affects the dispersion of your ball flight.


So Does it actually make a difference ?

I personally believe shaft flex makes a massive difference to what the ball does off the club face and like the 6 time major champion Lee Trevino said “golf is what the ball does”.

It would be best to visit your local PGA golf pro and get properly fit for the shaft flex that suits your swing. Contact      via the contact form on our website and we will then source your shaft(s) for you.

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